Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Mar 23 20:15:32 GMT 2000 and mirrors.

due to some confusion about how to use samedit's createuser command, i put
a warning / security message in whenever createuser hostname$ is used.  
it basically says, now you can join the workstation to the domain because
you have just set the trust account to the insecure, well-known initial
value, and you had best join the workstation to the domain ASAP for
security reasons.

i also checked that profiles work: they do.  it helps to have write
permission to the directory that the profiles are to be stored in, i

one person reported the usual problem with profiles, namely that on
logout, a connection is maintained to the profile share and the next user
logging in, the workstation attempts to reuse the connection, which is not
the right thing to do.

for this reason, and others, it is best to use 2.0 or cvs main for file


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