Messages with smbclient...

BRUNET Franck franck.brunet at
Thu Mar 23 12:38:46 GMT 2000


OS : AIX 432
SAMBA : 2.0.5a

I have messages from smb when i
execute smbclient -L <hostname> -N
and it's very difficult to read the result.
Messages are like that :
smb_vwv[0]=8 (0x8)
smb_vwv[1]=2775 (0xAD7)
smb_vwv[2]=0 (0x0)
smb_vwv[3]=8 (0x8)
smb_vwv[4]=56 (0x38)
smb_vwv[5]=0 (0x0)
smb_vwv[6]=2775 (0xAD7)
smb_vwv[7]=64 (0x40)
smb_vwv[8]=0 (0x0)
smb_vwv[9]=0 (0x0)

Is anybody knows how to remove those messages ?
Is there any option to put in compilation ?


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