WINS weirdness

Edward Schernau ed at
Wed Mar 22 22:48:40 GMT 2000

I have a Samba server 2.0.7pre2 on linux 2.2.13, which has
joined a domain using smbclient.  Security=domain, and all
works well.

It is configured to be the WINS server.

PCs and NT boxes in this domain, plus the DCs and PCs in 2
other domains are set up to use this box as their WINS server.
(this is Domain1)  The PDC in Domain1 is the master
browser (local and domain).

Here is the problem:
2 other subnets...
PDC in Domain2 only registers the <00> and <1E> NetBIOS names
with the samba box.  For the Domain name.
PDC in Domain3 registers the <00>, <1B> and <1C> names for
its domain, but only the <00> and <03> names for itself, NOT
the <20> name for itself.

The consequence of these is that I can't use some of the NT
Server admin tools from an NT server in Domain1.

Is there anything I need to do on the client (NT PDC) side,
so that they properly register with the WINS (Samba) server?
Ultimately, I'd like to be able to browse the other
domain/workgroups in Network Neighborhood, but at this point
just being able to run User Manager will be a plus.

Edward Schernau
Network Architect		mailto:ed at
Rational Computing		Providence, RI, USA

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