Looking for Large Scale SAMBA Install Success / Failure Storie

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at scot.canada.sun.com
Wed Mar 22 21:49:46 GMT 2000

KSmith at bartoninsurance.com
|			  I see a lot of the problems which are
| reported on the SAMBA Digest but, with the exception of the slow samba
| access of large directories, we haven't had any problems which we were not
| able to solve by studying the documentation. 

	A tentative update on this: just before I left Toronto
	for Boston last week, a colleague tested a update-intensive
	program (maintaining a queue in a single directory) using the
	"logging" option of the Solaris 8 UFS, and got the same 
	performance as with tmpfs (an in-memory filesystem).
	I suspect we'll see a moderate improvement in file-create
	delete and rename performance in large directories, but
	I won't bet on improved read performance (;-))
	If I have the opportunity, I'll see if I can get some timings.

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