observations on nt smb support = no

Gordon McCrae gmccrae at alliedbuilding.com
Wed Mar 22 21:18:53 GMT 2000

Sven, Idiot that I am, I put in "nt support = no" as per the smb.conf man
page, not "nt
smb support = no" as per your posting.

The "nt smb support = no" has solved all my file locking problems (for now


Gordon McCrae wrote:

> Sven, I saw your email on the SAMBA list regarding your use of
> Wincenter, and problems that revolved around the single process for SMBD
> being launched when NT SMB support was enabled.
> Did you manage to get around this?
> I'm having a problem using SAMBA to serve shared folders to Winframe
> 1.8.
> SAMBA server up a single smbd process which means that no file locking
> gets done when users open files in Word, Excel etc.
> I tried setting nt support = no to see if this caused multiple smbd
> processes, but it does not.
> Each user that connects from the Winframe server take over the smbd
> process attached to the Winframe server.
> I initially thought this was a problem with locking in SAMBA per se, but
> I've now narrowed it down to accessing SAMBA from Winframe.
> Cheers
> Gordon

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