Eric Dahnke edahnke at
Wed Mar 22 21:33:22 GMT 2000

The latest Linux Magazine has a large feature on Samba, including
preformance testing. - Eric

werner maes wrote:

> This (see below) is what I found in the Samba Introduction Document.
> Can anyone tell me where I can find the Ziff-Davis benchmark
> tests?
> Thanks a lot,
> Werner Maes
> KULeuven
> "The Present
> Samba 2.0 was released in January 1999. One of the most significant and
> cool features of the 2.0 release was improved speed.
> Ziff-Davis Publishing used their Netbench software to benchmark Samba
> 2.0 on Linux against Windows NT4. They ran all of
> their tests on the same PC hardware, and their results showed Samba's
> throughput under load to be at least twice that of NT.
> Samba is shipped with all major Linux distributions, and Ziff-Davis
> tested three of those. "

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