observations on nt smb support = no

Gordon McCrae gmccrae at alliedbuilding.com
Wed Mar 22 20:08:52 GMT 2000

Sven, I saw your email on the SAMBA list regarding your use of
Wincenter, and problems that revolved around the single process for SMBD
being launched when NT SMB support was enabled.

Did you manage to get around this?

I'm having a problem using SAMBA to serve shared folders to Winframe

SAMBA server up a single smbd process which means that no file locking
gets done when users open files in Word, Excel etc.

I tried setting nt support = no to see if this caused multiple smbd
processes, but it does not.

Each user that connects from the Winframe server take over the smbd
process attached to the Winframe server.

I initially thought this was a problem with locking in SAMBA per se, but
I've now narrowed it down to accessing SAMBA from Winframe.


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