[bug?] server string and netbios aliases

Tim Pepper tpepper at vato.org
Wed Mar 22 19:52:30 GMT 2000

I was playing with the "netbios aliases" option to have my samba server
provide different netbios names with different shares.  I made a minimal
global smb.conf file with a [global] section ending in:

	include = /etc/smb.conf.%L

and moved all the share config info into the appropriate smb.conf.%L file.
Everything works fine.  The only problem I encountered was with the server
string.  I was expecting to be able to place a "server string" statement in
each of the smb.conf.%L files so each netbios name would have an appropriate
comment/remark listed when viewed.

It seems though that the server string parameter is only honoured if it
appears in smb.conf's [global] or in smb.conf.servername's [global] and not in
any smb.conf.aliasname's [global].  That server string (if found) or else the
default one is then used as the comment for each of the netbios aliases.  Since
there is only really one server it does make sense that there would only be one
server string, but given the ability to do aliases it seems resonable to
expect that server string not be a global value for the entire samba server.

Is this a bug or design?  Please cc any replies to my email as I'm not
currently subscribed to the list.  Thanks!


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