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Try using DHCP with WINS parameters in it, and tell you workstations to resolve WINS by DHCP.

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> Date:   Wed, 22 Mar 2000 00:28:15 -0600
> From:   Jeff Thompson <jeff at>
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> Subject: Domain logons across subnets
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> Hello all.
> I have a network with four subnets, across which samba cannot broadcast.
> All of my servers are on one subnet, but I have several Win95
> workstations on another subnet, and they need to be able to logon to the
> samba server. I have domain logons configured and working correctly for
> servers in the same subnet.
> I can get it to work by specifying the WINS server in Win95, but
> whenever any of the IP information is changed in windows it 'forgets'
> the WINS server. This would be ok, except the security program we use
> will not let users use the workstation without logging in, and if nobody
> can log in we have no choice but to re-install windows (I know it sounds
> stupid, but its true. AFAIK it's not possible to remove all of the keys
> from the registry, there's too many).
> I have tried connecting a linux box w/samba and putting it in the other
> subnet and having the primary server remote announce/sync browse lists
> with it, but that will not let me do domain logons.
> I am sorry for posting to a list that I am not subscribed to, but I get
> way too much email already and one more list would probably either kill
> my mail server or kill me, so please CC replies to
> jeff at
> Thanks in advance -
> --
> -Jeff Thompson
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