Cannot see Samba server on different network

Eric Dahnke edahnke at
Wed Mar 22 19:15:03 GMT 2000

I remember reading that to support multiple subnets each subnet needs to have an
local master browser on it which then talks to the PDC. I recall something about
this being a MS design spec to sell more NT machines.

It also seems possible if you use multiple interfaces with samba. Experience
would say that this means two network cards, but I could very well be wrong.

I also seems that you could achieve what you want with WINS.

Sorry just sharing some of my knowledge from setting up samba last week, don't
take any of it as truth. - Eric

Adrian Johnson wrote:

> Dear Samba Support;
> I have a problem which I hope you may be able to help me with.
> We have two networks A=192.168.102 and Network   B=
> We have a Unis machine with samba installed running on Network A.
> Machines on network A can see machines on Network B and vice versa.
> My problem is only machines on network A can see the Unix machine. This does
> not appear in the browselists for machines on Network B.
> Can you suggest why ?
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