Romaing profiles on 2.0.6

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Wed Mar 22 17:38:28 GMT 2000

You said:
| I've a question... I use the following smb.conf but when I change the Win95
| client to have user profiles, several folders and the user.dat file is
| created in the users home directory instead of the profile share...

	Er, it seems to be a feature: the man page now says
logon home (G)

     This parameter specifies the home directory location when a Win95/98 or NT
     Workstation logs into a Samba PDC. It allows you to do 
   	  "NET USE H: /HOME" 
     from a command prompt, for example. 

     This option takes the standard substitutions, allowing you to have 
     separate logon scripts for each user or machine. 

     This parameter can be used with Win9X workstations to ensure that roaming
     profiles are stored in a subdirectory of the user's home directory. This 
     is done in the following way: 
	     "logon home = \\%L\%U\profile" 
     This tells Samba to return the above string, with substitutions made when 
     a client requests the info, generally in a NetUserGetInfo request. Win9X
     clients truncate the info to \\server\share when a user does "net use
     /home", but use the whole string when dealing with profiles. 

     Note that in prior versions of Samba, the "logon path" was returned 
     rather than "logon home". This broke "net use /home" but allowed profiles 
     outside the home directory. The current implementation is correct, and 
     can be used for profiles if you use the above trick.

	My interpretation of this is that profiles must now reside inside
	your home directory, but may be placed in a "profile" subdirectory
	by setting the logon home option as shown. 
	I'm about to propose an amendment to the Samba book's section
	6.6.1 (
	based on this understanding: if it's wrong, I suspect I'll get 
	told right rapidly!
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