Samba Printing problems AND Re: Looking for Large Scale SAMBA Install Success / Failure Stories

William R. Knox wknox at
Wed Mar 22 15:44:41 GMT 2000

Steve and Michael,
I have been very happy with our samba set-up, which serves out
approximately 900 printers to our entire organization and uses LPRng as
the back end. Why Red Hat hasn't switched over to it is a total mystery
to me (I believe that some other distros have, but I'm not sure which
ones). LPRng has made administration much simpler and has big advantages
over other lpr systems at which we looked (we are running on Solaris, so
were looking for a good replacement for SysV printing, though, so I have
no direct experience with Red Hat's lpr in the past few years).

And as far as large scale successes, we are happy with this. We have
been having some network related issues lately, but these are unrelated
to our print system, merely affecting it badly. Our NT group looked VERY
briefly at the idea of using NT as a Corporate wide print system, and
realized quickly that it would not be viable to serve 900 printers from
NT. I think that the only real disadvantage to using Samba over NT for
printing is that Samba doesn't (yet) support the automatic download of
drivers for NT, just for 95. But give them time.

Samba is a rock solid piece of software that has been good to use and
never a hassle. LPRng is also very good, with good support from the
e-mail list.

			Bill Knox
			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

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