Secondary WINS servers

dowlime dowlime at
Tue Mar 21 20:49:33 GMT 2000

In a samba configuration in which two NT 4.0 servers are being used as
WINS servers (one as primary, one as a secondary for redundancy) can
samba be configured to specify both as WINS servers?

The documentation for smb.conf only seems to talk about specifying one
WINS server in the "wins server =" parameter.  What is the correct way
to tell samba to use the primary WINS NT server and then the secondary
NT WINS server if the first one goes down?  Can I give a list of the IP
addresses of the WINS servers for the "wins server = primary.IP,
secondary.IP".  How many WINS servers can be specified?  NT clients
allow primary and secondary WINS servers to be specified....

Note, the primary and secondary WINS servers are both NT servers, not
Samba servers.


Mike Dowling

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