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Tue Mar 21 04:33:16 GMT 2000

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(A copy of this message is being posted to both the Red Hat as well
as Samba lists.  I'm not exactly sure where my problem is.)

I've got a LAN of about 100 Windows-based clients, who use a Red Hat
6.1 Linux-based Samba server 2.0.5a for file and print services.  They
are printing to a variety of printers, including an HP Laserjet 4, a
couple of postscript, and a few Windows-only printers.

So far so good, but for some reason it seems that print jobs "freeze up"
on the HP Laserjet 4.  Although the printer shows ready and waiting,
nothign shows up.  The queue does say "sending to" (where
xxx's are the IP address), but nothing happens unless you either purge
the "stuck" job, or give it a few minutes and it will just disappear from
the queue.

My users are often running to me to restart the queue.  This was not
a problem under the old NT-based server (no, that had its own problems!)
so I'm wondering if there is something I can tune in the Samba config
file, or else in my lpd.

Also, would it be a big hassle to move to LPRng, and if not, would it
really give me any advantage?  If so, why hasn't Red Hat switched their
own distribution to use LPRng?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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