Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Mar 21 04:25:30 GMT 2000 and mirror sites.

when using domain user map, when logging in and then accessing the samba
server, i re-enabled map_nt_and_unix_username() to allow the nt username
to be remapped to the unix username / share.

i think i also now have the GETDC request with enough correct rules in it
to allow all the various spurious combinations to be supported.  NT 5 wks
now can be joined to domain; Nso can NT4 wksta; USRMGR findd the DC; even
dial-up access correctly finds the domain!

i am not sure about win9x, though.  there have been a couple of reports of
user password changes failing.

one report of profiles working correctly, i still can't get it, though,
which is still bugging me.

printing still out, except for that report of making a direct connection,


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