2.0.7pre2 and FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE = works

Mike Squires mikes at sir-alan.chem.indiana.edu
Mon Mar 20 23:08:06 GMT 2000

2.0.7pre2 compiles and installs with a minor problem with swat files which
I spent no time trying to fix.  I used the FreeBSD patch-aa from 2.0.6 
only (copied /usr/ports/net/samba to /usr/ports/net/samba207, edited
/usr/ports/net/samba207/Makefile to point to 2.0.7pre2, modified the
md5 file, removed all patches but patch-aa, then "make;make install".)

Speed is slightly faster, about 10%, than 2.0.6.

The client was a Win2K Pro system; I didn't test domain features.

Mike Squires

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