Samba 2.0.7pre2 snapshot released.

Rick Lake rwlake at
Sat Mar 18 13:57:23 GMT 2000


I would like to add the following lines in source/include/includes.h for
building on QNX:

#include <sys/termio.h>
#include <unix.h>

Up to now, every new release I always manually add these to the already
present ifdef QNX wrapper for DEFAULT_PRINTING (around line 39),
resulting in:

#ifdef QNX
#include <sys/termio.h>
#include <unix.h>

However, it has been suggested to use autoconf for this, instead of
making this part of the code to QNX-ish. But I'm not familiar with
autoconf. Can anyone show me a cleaner way of adding these lines
somehow, somewhere?


Rick Lake

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I just released Samba 2.0.7pre2, available from :
> This is the second snapshot of the code that should become
> the official Samba 2.0.7 and is feature complete (ie. I'm
> only going to accept bug fixes, not more features).
> This is *not* production code, but should work well as a
> file and print server, and contains fixes for all known
> Windows 2000 bugs.
> Please download and test this code and report back any
> problems to samba at Your help in this will make
> the official Samba 2.0.7 release better for everyone.
> The RPM packaging for this release is not yet complete,
> so only a source code tarball is being made available.
> To everyone who contributed patches, many thinks, and
> please download and test this code to ensure that the
> functionality you wanted has been correctly implemented
> in the code.
> The updated part of the WHATSNEW.txt file follows.
> Regards,
>         Jeremy Allison,
>         Samba Team.

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