Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Mar 17 19:55:14 GMT 2000 or mirror sites.

using nt5 beta1 (desperate measures, i know), i confirmed that there was a
problem with joining-to-domain, which _may_ not be a problem with nt4
because nt5beta1 may use different password-set mechanisms from nt4.

i still have not been able to confirm that non-intel-byte-order password
sets will work, although i _have_ added the code to do this.

if anyone is having difficulty with TNG, still, i recommend that you
delete the entire var/ directory and if you are using smbpasswd as your
SAM back-end, delete the entire private/ directory, recreate var/,
var/locks/, private/, do a touch private/smbpasswd and start again.


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