Server w/ DHCP address incorrectly registers with WINS

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Mar 16 23:26:35 GMT 2000

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Ross Bagley wrote:

> Issue: The WINS server has an entry for the samba system, but the
> registered IP address is  I suspect this is because the
> hosts file does not get updated by pump with the current DHCP address
> and the only line in the hosts file is the localhost entry.

Does it get it's IP from the DHCP?
Does it have or get a hostname when talking to the DHCP?

We have a net that sounds very similar. I know I had to add
to /etc/sysconfig/network to get pump on my RH6.1 to tell the dhcp server
the hostname it wants (you can probably add it in one of those painful
config tools as well).

> Question: How do I get nmbd to use the correct IP address when it
> talks to the WINS server?  Hardcoding the IP address into the hosts
> file is not an option here.

Does it work if you do? If yes then I think the problem is with your dhcp
client not setting up the machines net properly.


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