Differing Win & Linux user names

Tobias Galitzien tg at channel-one.de
Thu Mar 16 18:38:57 GMT 2000

You forgot to put the statement "username map = /path/to/your/smbusers"
into smb.conf. Exactly this is smbusers for and you didn´t find it in
the docs because the filename of it is arbitrary. You can use "username
map = /etc/mylittlefile" as long as you have a file /etc/mylittlefile
where you put the line dan = "Daniel Foster".

> Daniel Foster wrote:
> How do I map a username on a Windows 98 box to a different username on
> a Linux box?  For example, if my username on a Windows machine was
> 'Daniel Foster' and my username on the linux box was 'dan' how do I
> make it so the share for my home directory on my Linux box was
> available?
> I tried putting a line like
> dan = "Daniel Foster"
> in smbusers but it didn't seem to help.  What is smbusers for anyway?
> I can't find any mention of it in the docs.

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