Disappearing 'Z:'

Adam Scott netman at poolscc.cornwall.sch.uk
Thu Mar 16 14:53:38 GMT 2000

I'm having some serious problems with Samba/NT.  I've reinstalled NT from scratch and re-created the unix box with samba from scratch also but still the problem occurs.

We have two NT boxes, one of which is a PDC.  Users logon to the PDC with their home directory set to be "connect Z: to \\unixbox\username" which generally works.  Every hour or so i get a phone call, "my Z: is gone, where do i save my work?"

I have samba setup with the PDC as the password server.

If I look at samba's log it says all sorts of things about "this is insecure behaviour".  If i stop and restart samba it works fine again, or if i restart the nt box it's ok.  I don't really understand why it happens, what am i doing wrong?

Adam Scott

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