smb gives many collissions

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Mar 16 14:44:29 GMT 2000

David Collier-Brown wrote:
>         I wonder if Daniel S. Riley hit the nail on the head...
> > For high-rate TCP transfers, back to back packets with interface cards
> > that are close to the minimum interpacket gap, you actually expect 50%
> > collisions from the TCP acks colliding with data packets.  This limits
> > the transfer rate to about 700 - 800 KB/sec; with UDP and fewer acks,
> > you can get very close to 1 MB/sec.

	This was just confirmed, in part, by a commentator
	in samba-technical.

	It should show up in
	real soon now, entitled "Transportation tuning tips"
	(ie, it's about tuning TCP/IP transport)

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