Problem with moving read-only files, part II

J. Mostert J.Mostert at
Thu Mar 16 09:54:28 GMT 2000

A few weeks ago I sent a problem concerning moving of read-only files.
The original posting was:

Recently I found a problem with moving read-only files, owned by another

user. If you try to move such a file from a read-only network directory
to another writable network directory (owned by yourself), you get an
error message that you cannot delete the original file. This is, of
course, correct. The problem however is that the file in the directory
you were moving to, is read-only and not owned by yourself.

Example: drive N: is connected with a Samba server. In the read-only
directory N:\tmp is a file named "from.dat", owned by user aaa, with
unix permissions 744. Moving it to the directory N:\mydir will result in

a file that cannot be deleted from N:\mydir. The owner of to.dat is user

aaa; the unix permissions are 600.
You need to login on the unix machine in order to remove the file. It
cannot be removed from the Win95/NT client.

Until now their was no response, but it still is a problem for us. Can
someone please take a look at this problem? Currently we use 1.9.18p10,
but the problem also occurs in 2.0.6. The OS is HP-UX 10.20, but it also
happens on IRIX 6.5.6.

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