Server w/ DHCP address incorrectly registers with WINS

Ross Bagley rab at
Wed Mar 15 19:27:16 GMT 2000

I am sneaking Linux and Samba into my client's IT department (with the
cooperation of the IT manager) and we have a few issues getting the
system talking to the rest of the network.

The network we are inserting the system into uses WINS and does not
have DNS for local hostname resolution.  The system is required to get
its IP address via DHCP.  The system is running a vanilla install of
RedHat 6.1 (server option - no GUI).

Issue: The WINS server has an entry for the samba system, but the
registered IP address is  I suspect this is because the
hosts file does not get updated by pump with the current DHCP address
and the only line in the hosts file is the localhost entry.

Question: How do I get nmbd to use the correct IP address when it
talks to the WINS server?  Hardcoding the IP address into the hosts
file is not an option here.

Thanks for your help,

-- Ross Bagley & Associates
"We don't write your software, we help you write your software better!"

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