Win2K wont login

Nate void at
Wed Mar 15 17:08:46 GMT 2000

	Im sorry if this has been posted but the archive search command is not
working so Im going  straight to all of you.

I have samba 2.0.6-19991110 installed. I have a public share with no
password. Win98 usernames are all maped to nobody, and they can see it in
their NetNeighborhood just fine and attach without a password prompt. So
win98 is behaving itself.

However I have a test machine running Win2K and every time it tries to
attach to my Samba server (named Phyrexia) I always get this message:

"The Account is not authorized to login from this station."

I looked in TCP Dump and noticed that its trying to connect to port 445 so
I fixed that by installing NetBEUI on the Win2K machine, now TCPDump shows
netbios-ssn which is as it should be right? Well I cant for the life of me
figure out why Win2K is being difficult. I can connect to Win2K with
smbclient just fine.

Anybody know what the problem is? Is samba not compatible with Win2K? If
the answer is RTFM can you point me to where the manual is? 

Thanks for your help,
Nathan Reese

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