Browsing network through a firewall.

Scott Hess scott at
Wed Mar 15 03:41:24 GMT 2000

I'm setting up a VPN, and am trying to figure out how to handle browsing
the network through the firewall, under Windows NT.  I can mount
individual shares fine, if I enter things in manually, but I cannot see
the various shares availabe under Network Neighborhood.

Reading the various manual pages and smb.conf lead me to believe that
it is absolutely possible to use Samba to somehow proxy the broadcast
requests involved with browsing.  But I cannot for the life of me figure
out which specific options I need to try.  Does anyone have a similar
setup that they'd be willing to lend me a config file for?  It sounds
like the browsing-across-a-subnet setup might be close enough to make
work, but I've never been able to find an actual config that does it.

[If it helps, the machine running samba has interfaces on each network,
and can broadcast to all the machines I care about browsing.  But I
cannot forward the broadcasts, because the firewall is NAT'ing my
LAN behind a single IP.]

[I'd post the config I have, but all I've been able to make it do is vend
filesystems from my Linux box, and I don't think people need much help,
there.  I suppose I could simply mount everything I care about under Linux,
then re-vend them all, but that seems awfully heavy-handed (and defeats
the point of browsing!).]


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