HP Lib Symbol Error

Shimek, Kirk kirk.shimek at trw.com
Tue Mar 14 14:23:38 GMT 2000

Hello All - Love SAMBA,  Just new to it.

HP-UX 10.20 /  SAMBA 2.06

Probably need patches to the OS or and added library but . . . getting error
when running

"/usr/lib/dld.sl: Unresolved symbol: vsnprintf (code) from testparm ABORT
Core Dump"

I skimmed the archive . . . a search utility would help the newbies like me
find information
that is buried among such a great / large archive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank You

Kirk Shimek Information Systems
Systems Engineer - UNIX Administrator
TRW Automotive Electronics
Body Control Systems Div
507-457-3750 ext8241

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