Different policies for users on same machine. How?

Adrian Gugoasa-Iordachescu Adrian.Gugoasa at necomm.ro
Tue Mar 14 10:35:57 GMT 2000

How can we set up the policy working for different users (belonging to diffe
rent groups) on the same win98 machine?
Win98 looks up the netlogon share on our Samba server in security level = us
er, domain logons = yes.
It parses the config.pol file, but the only group policy defined that applie
s to ANY user logging on is the one for Users group I added in Policy Editor

eirvine [eirvine at tpgi.com.au] was so nice to send me this solution:


>I don't totally know what you mean by group policy, but the
>way I do it is this:

>	1)	I have three CONFIG.POL files on the server,
>		one for students, one for teachers, and one
>		for administrators.

>	2)	Teachers, students, and administrators are all
>		in different unix groups and have different uid
>		ranges. Thus, if their unix uid is < 1000 they
>		are an administrator, between 1000 and 2000 they
>		are a teacher, over 3000 a student.

>	3)	Using root preexec, a perl program figures out
>		what sort of user they are when they log in, and
>		dumps the appropriate CONFIG.POL file into their
>		netlogon share.

>Almost unbelievably, it all works!

Thank you Eddie,

But what happens when two different users are logging on the same machine at
different times of day?
Have you set on every machine a different path for the manual update of the
policy file?
The bottom line is I want to know more about what you meant by 'their netlog
on share'.

Thank you very much again

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