Doug Warren doug at ga.prestige.net
Mon Mar 13 17:49:57 GMT 2000

Hi to all!

My name is Doug Warren and I am a new linux user/admin.
I have installed mandrake 70 with the following servers...

1. ftpd
2. samba(smbd)
3. httpd(apachy web server)
4.  sendmail
5. crond
6.  telnet support.

And more...

I am blind and intend to use a telnet connection at least in the beginning to configure my server setup's. I will setup the emacspeaks server for speech output. But for now any advice as far as connectivity with my win98 machine is greatly appreciated.
This network is going to be used primarily for web hosting of my own consulting site and my music-download site.

I am reading up on samba configuration.
I mainly want to get the samba connection going ASAP so I can use my windows screen reader for voice output so I can be independent from the reliance on sighted help.

If anyone has a plain text document with all the current samba documentation in one document, please let me know where I can download such a beast.
If you have one handy, please email a copy to 
doug at ga.prestige.net

Thanks for your time and effort,


Help me to free the Bill Gates chains which keeps me using that inferior microcrap stuff.

Thanks again...

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