Dis-heartening observation

Henri J. Schlereth henris at neandertal.org
Tue Mar 14 04:08:15 GMT 2000

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> "Henri J. Schlereth" wrote:
> > I have been on this list off and on for a year and a half to two years,
> > while I am not a full-dummy, just a partial dummy, why cant I get a
> > rise out of anyone about this question?
> >
> > Mar 13 10:06:09 kesrith PAM_pwdb[10562]: authentication failure; (uid=0) -> henris for samba service
> >
> > Anyone?
> Just one of those messages that makes you ponder the thought, Is something wrong?

In a sense no, nothing is wrong, I am just irritated by this message that
has shown up since the 1.9.x series. I can duplicate this message on all
4 of my Samba servers with any of my two Win95 clients. 
I have downloaded RPMS, compiled from source and it still wont go away.

The shares connect just fine and I admit that I really cant complain
compared to some of the massive problems I have seen on this list, after
all my stuff does work, it just dumps this message on each connect.
I have a simple setup, no printers, a user and a comon share, and they 
all work. All clients have valid accounts/matching passwords (except for
one machine, the firewall), there is no smbpasswd or encryptation going
on. My current machines are all RH61's plus customizing. All my clients
are W95a's. 

I have lived with this especially because it doesnt stop access but 
d**n it I still would like to know why! Is it that wrong to be curious
about something that while it isnt harmful shouldn't be there?


"All data leaves a trail. The search for data leaves a trail.
The erasure of data leaves a trail.The absence of data, under
the right circumstances,can leave the clearest trail of all-
Dr. Kio Masada" 

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