Really Wacky Problem!

Jim Watt jimw at
Tue Mar 14 03:27:45 GMT 2000

--On 03/13/2000 7:14 PM -0800 Mukesh Vadgama wrote:

} Seems like rlogin is stopping the connection. I will try and get hold
} of tcpdump see what that comes up with.

That will at least confirm what the input for the session request
looks like.  But as I think about this problem some more, I don't
see how the problem could be external to the server itself.  It's
as if it's getting a session request with a called name other than
"zeus", but from your description of what you've tried, that's
not really very likely.

A better approach might be to increase the debug level on smbd
on zeus, and see what the data that the smb daemon is receiving
looks like from "inside" the machine.

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