some win98 machines will see the samba server, others won't.

Anthony Williams - Genesis Communications anthony.williams at
Sun Mar 12 14:30:13 GMT 2000

I am running an NT domain with a Unix Server running samba.  The password
authentication is on the NT box.

Some W98 clients will happily see the samba server, and map a drive to a
share in the login script, other won't.

When the client uses the net use command it returns one of two messages

Error 54: The network is currently busy processing other requests or is out
of resources. Try again later, or verify your network configuration to be
sure that enough network resources are specified.


Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located.
Make sure you are specifying the computer name correctly, or try again later
when the remote computer is available.

It doesn't matter who logs on to the client only they get one of these two

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