Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Mar 11 01:32:38 GMT 2000 and mirror sites.

finally resolved some of the niggling issues that have kept tng from
working: in particular, thanks to karl denninger for helping track down
"invalid users = root" in the [global] section which stops root from being
able to access anything, including being able to add user accounts!

tng is now back where it was about 6 weeks ago:

- logins work

- file access works

- profiles work (i believe) on nt4 and 95.

- printing doesn't

- profiles on nt5 are dubious

- browsing on nt5 doesn't work, this i believe is due to nt5 issuing new,
undocumented browsing dce/rpc calls which we know exist but do not know

- a stand-alone workstation (member of a workgroup) MUST specify net use
\\samba-tng\share /user:TNG-DOMAIN-NAME\username and this i believe to
also be the case even when accessing an nt pdc, so i'm not going to make
an exception for this unless someone demonstrates that i am wrong about



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