couldn't "nmblookup -U wins.ip -R <ip-address>" gives back the name?

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Fri Mar 10 14:08:51 GMT 2000

You know the ip address of a machine.
You want to know the netbios name.
You use the -A nmblookup switch.

But there are the old win95's that have the known bug of port 137.
You can shut down samba, be root, use "-r"...


If you do 
nmblookup -U wins.server.ip -R <name>
you are given the ip

Wouldn't it be possible to do
nmblookup -U wins.server.ip -R <ip-address>
and get the name?

Is this already implemented and I didn't notice or it impossible to do
for some particular reason?


giulioo at

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