IP alias & Netbios address resolution

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at wavecom.fr
Fri Mar 10 13:26:21 GMT 2000


I have a class C network (W98 for clients + Linux/Samba for servers) whose
all addresses are used. I cannot switch immediately everything to a class B
so I need do to a smooth transition. I added IP aliasing on all my
Linux+Samba boxes and IP address sorting to the DNS so that the address
return is the one on the requester network.

It worked fine, I'm able to connect to the share I defined (I use a common
NT startup script) and everything runs fine. But when I browse the network
with Win98, I can see but cannot browse through the Linux+Samba servers. I
guess there is a problem with the IP resolving Samba performs.

Thanks for your help


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