share printing with Win95C (OSR3)?

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Fri Mar 10 02:30:00 GMT 2000

        I'm working on a samba server on a DG/UX (that's Data General, not
Digital) system. 

        We have 95A, 95B, 98 and NT clients all printing to the printers fine.
The security is share and all the printers are setup properly and printing from
clients using these versions of windows. All machines are network-wise, setup
the same. 

        I applied the patches that were listed in Win95.txt (but it should be
noted that there is not a one-all TCP update, there is one for Winsock 1.1 and
another for Winsock 2.0)... and got rid of any network validation problems with
file shares (we don't use them but tested to help debug this problem). The
95C systems enter the samba file shares fine without any complaint.

        However, when INSTALLING a printer (we obviously haven't gotten one
setup yet to test) 95C hangs after contacting the smb server. I'm no tcp
master so I didn't even attempt tcpdump. I have searched NONSTOP for any kind
of information regarding this specific error but have found none.

        I am using samba-2.0.6, plain vanilla compile under DG/UX. Does anyone
know what might be causing this problem?

        Just to repeat, this problem ONLY exists under 95C (OSR3) clients. Every
other windows client works fine.

Erik Hollensbe
I-Net Consultants
belman at

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