relative path names

Grant Lowe glowe at
Fri Mar 10 00:50:27 GMT 2000

Hi all.

I have a question.  We have a product that mounts a fileystem. The
filesystem is mounted 
by a third party mount daemon.  The company ABC has a filesystem called
/abc. The vfstab for
it looks like this:

localhost:/ABC/     -       /abc        nfs     2       yes

I can mount this with this command:

mount -o port=2050 machine:/ABC/export/home/jim /test

I have a user named jim.  I'm not going to have any samba shares, so the
default should be his home directory.  When I see the root directory in the
globals section to /abc/export/home/jim or to /export/home/jim, samba
doesn't see his home directory, it sees /tmp. What setting(s) must I use to
get this to work?


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