FW: : Re: Multiple smbd processes generated

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Thu Mar 9 18:16:49 GMT 2000

"Towers, Tim (London)" wrote:
> Dear Dave,
> Doesn't this only work if you're using samba as a domain
> controller and the client says "net use h: /home"

	It used to work with security = server,
	but that was circa 1.9.18: I've not had the
	opportunity to try it with 2.x. (Our Windows
	afficianados went to another project)
> I've not got it to redirect "//server1/username" to "//server2/username"
> when the NIS map says "user server2:/path/&"

	Hmmn... Anyone on the list using homedir maps?

> >       I think one could fake a homedir map without using nis: It's
> >       a "mere matter of programming" (;-))

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