Problem sending WinPOPUPS with 2.0.6 but not 2.0.0

Chuck Carson ccarson at
Thu Mar 9 00:15:45 GMT 2000

I have noticed that the smbclient ver 2.0.6 fails when trying to send a Win
popup to a Win98 machine when the username and machine name are the same.
The smbclient version 2.0.0 has no problems at all sending to Win98 clients
with the user and machine name the same. Also, when using smbclient -M
<machine>, it takes a good 30 seconds to connect and prompt for the message
to send. I have played with the socket options and different WINS settings
in smb.conf (client/server/dns) but cannot seem to change this behavior. Has
anyone tuned this to work faster. I have security = server and the password
server is an NT PDC on the same subnet as the samba server and the clients.

Another problem:

smbclient ver 2.0.0 can send to a Win2000 client no problems. smbclient ver
2.0.6 connects, prompts for the message, sends the popup, but the message
does not display, just the top portion that identifies the sender and time.
On the Unix side I get the following error: 'SMBsendtxt failed: (code 0)"

The 2nd problem is not a biggie since we only use 2000 on servers right now.
Any help for either is greatly appreciated though.


Chuck Carson           Sr. UNIX Admin / Oracle DBA
chuck at          Public Health Institute
510.644.8200            Berkeley, CA

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