Stripping/Prevent CRLF

Chuck Carson ccarson at
Wed Mar 8 23:02:52 GMT 2000

I thought I had read somewhere that you can prevent the adding of the ^M's
when copying a file to a samba share. (Such as doing an ascii ftp) Now I
cannot find where I read this. I have a constant need to transfer excel
files containing data to be uploaded and want to use samba to get these to
the server. Can this be configured into Samba. I am using 2.0.6 on Solaris
2.6. When using Hummingbird NFS, the files will copy correctly, however, we
have decided to use Samba for free.

Any suggestions,

Thanks a bunch,

Chuck Carson           Sr. UNIX Admin / Oracle DBA
chuck at          Public Health Institute
510.644.8200            Berkeley, CA

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