Changing Windows NT password from Linux

Brian Hall brianw.hall at
Wed Mar 8 17:50:04 GMT 2000

I am a Linux user operating in a NT-centric corporate environment. I have
samba running just fine for my needs. However, my Windows password is set to
expire every 3 months, which currently requires me to login to a WinNT
desktop and change the password. How do I change this password from Linux,
without logging on to an NT desktop?

I have been trying this (CXO-BRWSMSTR-1 appears to be the primary PDC-
how can I verify this?):

smbpasswd -r CXO-BRWSMSTR-1 -U BwHall

which fails with:

machine CXO-BRWSMSTR-1 rejected the password change: Error was : code 2221.
Failed to change password entry for BwHall 

Raising the debug level didn't clue me in much. Is there a list of these
error codes somewhere? I couldn't find one via searching.

Please CC: to me as I am not on the list. Thanks!

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