smbd processes won't go away

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Mar 8 08:39:40 GMT 2000

  [Tom Fluker <Tom.Fluker at>]
> > Running Samba 2.0.6, on Sun SC1000 (4 CPUs) with Solaris 2.6
[James Kosin]
> To get this to go away you need to stop the samba server.

I think he tried that already.  Sounds like he got an unkillable
process.  NFS is famous for producing these, though I have exactly zero 
experience with Solaris 2.6.

> To do this with RedHat you only need to run....

Did you read that line about Solaris 2.6? (:  Samba isn't Linux-only
and Linux isn't Red Hat-only....


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