Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Mar 8 08:17:34 GMT 2000 or mirror sites.

this version has security = domain tested and, shock-horror, working.

it is possible to do SMB connections with WORKSTATIONNAME\username (wow)
and actually, this is _necessary_, because otherwise, how are you going to
join it to a domain? :-) :-)

as root:
samedit -S . -U root% -l log
[] createuser root -p rootpassword
[] exit

samedit -S thepdc -U admin%password -W remotedom -l log
[] use \\mylocaltngwksta -U root%rootpassword -W mylocaltngwksta
[] createuser mylocaltngwksta$ -j
create trust account: OK

and you're done.

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