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Wed Mar 8 02:29:42 GMT 2000

Peter Samuelson <peter at> wrote:

> [John E. Malmberg]
> > There is no problem with connecting using multiple users from the
> > same workstation to the same or different share points on the a
> > specific server.
> >
> > In addition, the connect to share dialog box in NT has a "Connect AS"
> > option.
> Try it: using Windoze Explorer, connect to two remote shares on the
> same remote server using two usernames in "Connect As".  Whenever I try
> this it says "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing
> set of credentials".

Yes, that is easily shown.

However even with out using resource kit utilities, a service can log into
the same server as a the logged in user, and have access under it's own
security context.

This can be demonstrated with the schedule service.

So it seems that that restriction is in the client explorer shell of
Windows, and not something that is inherent in either NT server or NT

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