Is it possible to have 2 WIN servers on the same network?

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed Mar 8 02:09:09 GMT 2000

George Gallen <ggallen at> wrote:
> We have a network of apx 200 NT's,W95 & W98 using an NT machine for WINS
> resolution.
> Our dept has apx 15 W95/W98 machines hooked to a hub off a switch from the
> main network. I would like to setup SAMBA to act as a WIN server for just
> these machines. Is it possible to do without changing subnets?

Yes, it should be.  WIN servers do not broadcast or receive broadcasts.  You
can have as many as you want.*

*Beware of what you ask for.  Do not static map any hosts that normally
register themselves with WINS, and plan your replication strategy carefully.

> Now to complicate the question. Network login is done via an NT machine as
> well. If we change the WIN ip address on these 15 machines to be the IP of
> the SAMBA server, will these machines still be able to login to the NT
> machine on the existing network? Can a PC login to a NT on one
> workgroup, but use a WIN server with another workgroup name?

WIN servers do not care about domains or workgroups when resolving names.

They can not resolve a name that is not known to them, or a WIN server that
they replicate with.

If you do not have a router involved, the Windoze clients can be configured
to try WINS first, and then fall back to a broadcast mode of locating a

If you do not have a router, the main purpose of a WIN server in a pure
Microsoft environment is to cut down on broadcast traffic.

> Side question. If one of the machines wants to use a share controlled by
> main network WIN server, is that possible?

The WIN server service does not control any shares at all.  It simply
answers requests about names.

If your client knows how to resolve the servers address, and has permissions
on the share, then no problem.

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