Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Tue Mar 7 21:20:07 GMT 2000

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 07:52:56AM +1100, Chris Vaughan wrote:
> When will samba include support for a more up to date implementation of SSL
> such as openssl ( SSLeay does not appear to have
> been updated since mid 1998. 

	Probably when one of us gets our heads above the mire of the tar
pits we're in and have a chance to look at it.  I hadn't even thought
about it.  Now that the US export regulations have relaxed, a few more
of us qualify to tinker in that area.  I'm swamped at the moment but might
have a look.  The changes to go from SSLeay to OpenSSL are pretty minor
and mostly issues for configure (need to add some include directories).
If there are any BIOS calls, we may need to modify some call lists.  It's
probably only a few hours work.  It only took me a few minutes to adapt
my fetchmail-ssl patches to work with OpenSSL as well as SSLeay.  The
real challenge will then be to test it!

	If someone gets to it before I do, more the merrier...  :-)

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> NSW Land Titles Office

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