Is it possible to have 2 WIN servers on the same network?

George Gallen ggallen at
Tue Mar 7 15:43:15 GMT 2000

We have a network of apx 200 NT's,W95 & W98 using an NT machine for WINS

Our dept has apx 15 W95/W98 machines hooked to a hub off a switch from the
main network. I would like to setup SAMBA to act as a WIN server for just
machines. Is it possible to do without changing subnets? 

Now to complicate the question. Network login is done via an NT machine as
well. If we change the WIN ip address on these 15 machines to be the IP of
the SAMBA server, will these machines still be able to login to the NT
on the existing network? Can a PC login to a NT on one workgroup, but use
a WIN server with another workgroup name?

Side question. If one of the machines wants to use a share controlled by the
main network WIN server, is that possible.

Any Ideas? TIA

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