Connecting arbitrary Windows NT users to SUN/Solaris 2.6.

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Mar 7 10:15:43 GMT 2000

[Stephan Schoonees]
> [globals]
> 	map to guest = Bad User
> 	security = share
> I commented out the homes section
> and added the following:
> [%U]
> 	comment = Specify UNIX user home
> 	path = /export/home/%U
> 	read only = yes
> 	printable = no

I don't know if [%U] works.  [homes] should give the same effect.

For what you are trying to do, use

  security = user

instead of "share".  Also, you will need

  encrypt passwords = no

so Samba can use /etc/passwd passwords.  (This might or might not be
the default, I can't remember.)  Finally, in order to use unencrypted
passwords, you must apply the registry hack to all your NT machines (at
least for NT4SP3 and above).  The .reg file is in the docs/ directory
-- apply the file using the "import" function of REGEDIT.EXE.

For details on that last bit, read docs/textdocs/ENCRYPTION.txt (or
wherever ENCRYPTION.txt is in your Samba version).


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