Samba on an AIX - HACMP Cluster

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Tue Mar 7 21:46:22 GMT 2000


I've used Samba 2.02 with a 2 node HACMP cluster in Melbourne.

Just configure the Samba processes and disks in a HA resource group, with
start and stop scripts, etc.

After failover, the NetBIOS name is resolved to the replacement host
(either via WINS, or transparently if you are using IP and MAC address
takeover). Client connections remained active after the failover.

ITSO are currently producing a Redbook on Samba that will probably document
this configuration. We may also cover load balancing with Network Director.

> From:   Andreas Trawoeger <Andreas.Trawoeger at>
> Has anybody experience in running Samba on an IBM AIX High Availability
> Cluster with 2 nodes? At the moment we are using NFS + Maestro NFS-Client
> for NT and want to change to a server software using SMB (meaning either
> FastConnect or Samba).
> The server is supposed to be a file server for about 1000 Users. We don't
> need advanced futures like load balancing or take over of active
> connections. But it should be possible to switch a NetBios name plus
> between two nodes in case of a mutual takeover.

Steven P.

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