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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Mar 6 20:48:34 GMT 2000

I havent noticed this one mentioned on the list...

	Hmmn: nice polite message. We might wish to do two things:
	1) verify the problem is a problem, and address it
	2) suggest a clarification to MS.

	I think we're winning browser elections in quite a
	normal way (high os level), but should not be doing
	so in a domain and in the presence of an NT PDC. This 
	is a more "global" kind of cross-check than we've discussed
	before, but it's still just a consistancy check, something 
	we haven't done a lot of, and arguably should.

	The workaround should be "Make the PDC the master browser...
	This may require lowering Samba's "os level" to 0, disabling
	Samba, the Samba computers, or ..."

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